The Hulliday: Part Two

The moment had finally arrived: buffet breakfast time. We went full-pelt. Cooked breakfast, Danish pastries, yogurts and raspberry compote, glasses of juice and two cups of tea. Our first error of the day was forgetting to bring our bags to breakfast with us, as we had grand plans to fill them with stolen pain au chocolat and Nutella sachets. We skulked back to our room to do our ablutions before heading into town on foot.

It was a raining (again), which didn’t sit well with me. As I mentioned before, I really don’t like being wet, so we had to plan strategically to be undercover as much as possible. We were only a ten minute walk away from the town centre, so our first stop would be the Ferens Art Gallery and the Maritime Museum, which conveniently are right nextdoor to each other. Once again, Hull town centre was dead. At this point we felt a little suspicious.

The Ferens Art Gallery with not a person in sight.

The women that greeted us at the gallery were so nice, and promised to keep-watch of our umbrellas. The Ferens Gallery is lovely. If I had to give a quick-fire review I would say; it’s a small and bright space, with some rather nice pieces of work in the collection and well worth a visit. They had on display some pieces by Francis Bacon, and this is the only gallery space we weren’t allowed to take photos in, so you’ll have to use your imagination or do a Google search to see those. Some of my favourite pieces, happened to be portraits of women, and typically I didn’t record the names of them so you’ll just have admire them as they are:

The top floor of the Ferens Gallery has a maritime theme, which would segue us nicely over to the to the Maritime Museum.

The Maritime Museum and signs of life.

I am a big fan of the pink ceilings.


A photo of Emma taking a photo.


After visiting the gallery and museum we went for a tea-and-chocolate pastry break, and to be honest we were feeling pretty chuffed with ourselves. We felt as though we had found a hidden gem in Hull, and felt bad that we had written it off for years. We made plans to head over the the Fruit Market to see the Sarah Lucas exhibition and get lunch there. En route we went to the local college, the Museum of Slavery, the Streetlife Museum of Transport and continued to oggle the nice buildings.

Hull College


Emma coordinating with her surroundings.

We took a photo opportunity near the college, to document our outfits next to a shopping trolley and a empty beer can.

“#outfit of the day”
Emma with trolley

Now, I’d like to point out that we had deliberately timed our trip to Hull so that we wouldn’t miss the Sarah Lucas exhibition that, according to numerous advertisements, still had a few days left. I think you know where this is going…

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