The Hulliday: Part Three

Emma and I rocked up at the Fruit Market. The sun was really low, it was really windy, and we were really bloody hungry. We had to eat before the hanger took over. First stop: The Humber Street Gallery for lunch and the Sarah Lucas exhibition.

The street was like the rest of Hull in that it was dead quiet, but we were used to this by now. It struck us as a place that was desperately trying to be hip, but they hadn’t quite got there yet. Building work was still being done on some buildings and everything looked closed. This didn’t seem promising.

Misleading. There was no art here.

Thankfully, the gallery had a cafe. We perused the blackboard menu and both went for halloumi wraps, overpriced kettle chips and a glass of coke. The cashier couldn’t understand Emma’s Liverpudlian ways and she found herself having to over pronounce the ‘p’ on “halloumi wraP-ah!” to make her order clear and it was at this point I knew our hanger had taken hold. I glanced to the left as I was paying for my lunch, at a door with a sign that read ‘Exhibition closed’.

Me: “…wait, is the Sarah Lucas exhibition not on?!”
Cashier: (giggles) “Oh, no it’s gone now!”

WHAT?! Full hanger rage boiled inside us. We sat in silence as we ate our wraps and I gave Emma the small tray of olives that I didn’t even ask for.

We stepped outside and sheltering from the wind we decided to have an emergency rage-fueled cigarette and decided we would come back in the middle of the night and pelt all of our easy-peeler satsumas at their window. A young man walked past with his grandmother and every few steps he’d stop and click his heels like Dorothy as he had chosen fashion over comfort and his loafers had sliced his heels to smithereens.

It was around this point that my camera gave up the ghost, and so what follows are some piddly-little phone photos:

This building had a good face.

We decided to head back to Lenny’s House to calm our rage and disappointment and think about food. On the way we took some photos of unappealing sites and a Nisa carrier bag caught in a tree branch.

I’m going to end my Hulliday documentation here, before it becomes a full blown saga. Emma has been much more thorough in her recording of our stay, so you should take a look at her write-up for every detail I have glossed over. I will return to Hull again, even if it’s just for the chinese buffet.

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  1. Awww I’m sorry you missed the Sarah Lucas exhibition, I did not see it either. And I live in Hull :/ Hope you come back, maybe the next time when it’s warmer so Hull won’t look like a ghost city 😉

    x, Daniela

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