‘The Great War’ by Sarah Fordham age 9. 11th January 1993



Below is a story I wrote at primary school, complete with spelling mistakes. Murder, plot twists and herbal tea.

‘A storie for 7-8yrs boy or girl’

The Great War
11th January 1993

It all started when a great king called Sedric rulled a land. He was called Sedric because his family couldn’t think of any other names. He was tall and muscelly and wanted a war every Saturday. It all started on one Saturday the king’s birthday and his best present from one of his guards was to have anything he wanted. “Well it’s a Saturday” said king Sedric. “Yes sir” said Jack (one of the guards). “I’ve got it. I’ve got it!” the king jumped out of his throne. “I’m going to start a war which will never end”.

Later that day the king sent out his mesenger to tell all the people in the viliage to get their armour on ready for the GREAT WAR! Later that week the whole viliage was full of missiles crashing everywhere it was horrible. And anyone who wasn’t fighting got murdered. Even the children had to fight but most of them got killed.

All though the king made the war start he wasn’t in it. Then there came a complaint. One of the kings of their contry came to try and stop the Great War by talking to that horrid king Sedric (which would not be much good). Mean while Sedric was sitting in his chair there was a loud knock at the door. The king got up and unlatched the door himself for his guards were asleep. The door opened and standing infront was king Thomas who ruled there country “What are you doing here” asked king Sedric. “I’ve come to stop the war you started” “to late now!” “Why do you want to stop it” “there’s too many bodies” “How do you expect to go on like this” “If you do I’ll challenge you to a jule” “Okay! I’ll challenge you to a jule too”.

So they faught. And king Sedric got killed. He got stabbed in his heart.

Later that day king Thomas berried king Sedric and everyone rejoiced at his death and were so happy that king Thomas took his place. But this isn’t the end of the royal family for we haven’t mentioned any princesses. But there was one called Katherine. She was quite tall, fair hair and very beautiful. And one of her greatest dreams was to marrie king Thomas one day.

That day the princess Katherine decided to go to the king’s house (or palace) for a cup of herbal tea. She knocked at the big palace door and that gorgous man was there “hello your royal hiness. May I come in”. “Of course lady Katherine step this way”.

Katherine stepped into the Palace and looked around. It was beutiful compered with her palace which was quite small.

Later on the princess left the palace and went home.

Back at the castle the king was thinking about getting married for he was very lonely. But he could not marrie the princess for she was very poor and lived in a hut. And was only made a princes because she had been kind to the animals but that was a big mistake. But that was a lie for she had a twin sister called Carol who looked the same and also fancied the prince who did not like her (or them). Anyway Carol was the one who did all the jobs for her sister Katherine but the nicest one out of them both was Carol who had quite a bit of money off her sister for doing all the jobs that her sister wouldn’t do.

The king saw Carol the next day and thought that she was very pretty after all. So he invited her in for some herbal tea and a chat about this and that and decided to get married next week.

But Katherine didn’t come and was not made a princess and Carol was made a Queen.

And they lived happily ever after.



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