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I mentioned in my previous post, that I used to have a bit of a hoarding problem with magazines. I went to university in Leeds, and there was a Borders bookshop in town, and it was there that I discovered Nylon. I liked that Nylon had cover stars I didn’t know about, and looked different to other fashion rags. It had almost a D.I.Y aesthetic at the time, and one of my favourite features was a profile on a different character each month and suggestions on how to adopt their style.

I’m currently feeling really uninspired by the style bloggers and ‘influencers’ or whatever name it is they’re going under, as either I’m following the wrong people, or they are all producing the same content. Fashion bloggers seem to have the same influences; usually Alexa Chung, Jane Birkin and Francois Hardy, and every time I see these icons referenced I can’t help but eye roll and make a fast exit from Instagram. It’s not that I dislike these icons, but I can’t understand how these bloggers can be so successful by being so unimaginative. There’s also something very sad about people buying into expensive basket bags just so they can channel Jane Birkin wandering the streets of Paris, when the lady herself probably bought her basket for peanuts.

Rant aside, I thought I’d bring back to life the type article I like to read, instead turning the attention to other style influences that deserve some time in the spotlight. First up, I thought I’d bring your attention to Lucy Moran of Twin Peaks fame.

Sidenote: If you’ve watched the latest series of Twin Peaks, please don’t spoil it for me as I haven’t cracked open the boxset I got for Christmas yet. If you’ve never watched Twin Peaks, put it on your list of Things To Do ASAP.

Lucy Moran works as a receptionist in the sheriff’s office, and as well as having one of my all-time-favourite voices on TV, she also has a simple formula for getting dressed.

1. A blouse with a really good collar.
2. A bold piece of knitwear.
3. Pleated skirt.
4. A wooden brooch worn at the collar.

God bless you Microsoft Paint

Granted, the examples I’ve shown above are only what I’ve stumbled across through a quick search through some old favourites such as Etsy, Topshop and &OtherStories. I really think if you wanted to go Full Lucy, your best bet is to trawl Etsy’s vintage selection or rummage in local thrift stores, but that’s not to say it couldn’t be achieved from highstreet finds. You can also use apps such as Villoid to put together outfits, and you can follow me over there @sarahvfordham.

Finally, get yourself a donut and be sure to avoid any men called Dick at all costs.

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