White T-shirts and Fava Beans


As someone who lives in t-shirts and shirts, I’d like to consider myself an expert in the field, but I’m not convinced anyone would want to take my fashion advice when I’m usually wearing an old heavily worn t-shirt complete with bleach spots, a crusty food stain and waxy deodorant marks under the armpits. But hear me out…

Recently, I indulged in buying some expensive t-shirts. I bought a marl grey Rodarte one (secondhand, I might add, thank you Vestiaire) which is still going the distance. Next up were a couple from Dover Street Market. Already one has completely lost its shape at the neckline, and the other was washed with a black sock and now has a blue tie-dye effect, and not in a good way (Well, is tie-dye ever good?), so I can’t really see the point in spending a lot of money on a t-shirt again unless I remember to separate my darks from my whites.

In a previous post I mentioned that I really want to make more effort, and by effort I mean, actually think about what I’m wearing instead of pulling out a t-shirt, giving it a sniff and wearing the same jeans as I always do. The easiest way to do this would be to segue into a more polished version of myself, and I thought I’d start with smartening-up the humble t-shirt.

Microsoft Paint is there for all of my design needs.

Scrolling through Instagram and Pinterest I keep seeing the white t-shirt styled-up with some jewellery, and despite still being paired with jeans it looks so much more put together without much more effort having to be made. Tucking the t-shirt in and layering over some fine gold chain necklaces seems to be the most popular choice, but considering I have no decent jewellery either, that’s just another thing I’ve had to mentally add to my shopping list.

When it comes to fit, I don’t feel confident enough with my belly rolls to wear a tight fit as I don’t think there’s anything particularly chic about feeling self-conscious and spending the entire day having to tug the material back down over your gut. The t-shirts I’ve been buying recently have ended up being too big and baggy, so I need to find the sweet spot of being boxy enough to hide the bits I don’t like, without being so big it looks like a make-shift nightie.

Yes, that’s Earl Sinclair from Dinosaurs.

We all know the obvious iconic white t-shirt wearers: Marlon Brandon, James Dean and Paul Newman, but one guy who really knew how to rock a white t-shirt; Hannibal Lecter. Sure, in his case it was prison garb (and yes, I have a post on jail-bird style coming right up) but look at that perfect tight crew neck. Another guy who knew how to do it, was Martin Sheen in Badlands. The downside of his is the fit – I don’t have a washboard stomach so I’ll be side-stepping this look for the time being.

Looking for a t-shirt that’s 100% cotton is a top tip in the quality stakes, and as much as I love a worn-in, soft finish, I wouldn’t mind looking for something a little crisper. Going on my recent laundry mishaps, I want a lower price point so the hunt for the perfect white tee begins on the highstreet. I’ll let you know what I find…


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